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Anders first entered the tutoring world in 2012 as a Writing Fellow at James Madison University. After earning his B.A. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication in 2013, he started tutoring for the SAT and quickly expanded his repertoire to include the ACT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT CARS. Since then, he has spent hundreds of hours in the classroom teaching group prep courses and thousands of hours tutoring one-on-one. Anders has also written GMAT practice questions for a well-known test prep company.

Anders excels at maximizing the scores of students at every level. He specializes in techniques that help “bad test-takers” to decode the test and achieve scores that reflect their full potential, including students with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences. He has also worked extensively with student athletes who must hit a certain score threshold for admission to their schools of choice.

When preparing students for the SAT and ACT, Anders is adept at simplifying “test math.” He teaches a core set of techniques and trains students to recognize the right technique for each problem. On the verbal side, Anders teaches a logical and linear approach that breaks down reading comprehension and grammar into easy, predictable steps. His SAT students consistently improve by 100-250 points overall, and his ACT students typically improve their composite scores by 3 or 4 points.

For GMAT and GRE, Anders teaches an innovative method of reading comprehension and argument analysis that applies to both tests. He also teaches test-specific techniques for grammar on the GMAT and vocabulary on the GRE. These Verbal methods are coupled with Quantitative techniques that work for ANYONE.

Whether you are still earning your bachelor's or have been in the workforce for decades, Anders knows how to make you "get it." He breaks each complicated concept into a few easy baby-steps that you can use every time. Students who prepare with Anders for these exams generally improve their performance by 20-25 percentiles, each, on Quantitative and Verbal. Anders is available to work face-to-face with students in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and online with students anywhere.